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One of my first childhood memories was imprinted on a black-and-white film on my parents' old camera. I remember my mother trying to make me stand still while my father attempted to take a family portrait. I was only 3 years old then. I was probably unconsciously drawn to the wizardry of the moment, but it would have been a long time before it became a conscious passion for me. In the following years, two more common film cameras and a digital one passed through my hands, but I could not say that I showed any particular talent with them.

I didn't study anything photography-related in my high school or college years. Actually, my master's degree is in Economics. Back in those days, I had neither the ambition nor the dream of becoming a professional photographer. This goal began to materialize only at the end of 2016 when I was kinda stuck, and perhaps for the first time, I asked myself how I imagined life from now on. I believe the Eureka moment came as I watched a certain documentary following the lives of a team of photographers in the harsh winter conditions of Alaska. Suddenly, I was drawn back to that first memory of my childhood, sealed beneath the snow-covered Cherni Vrah.

I don't remember the rest of the movie because my mind was busy making plans to get myself a semi-professional camera. A week later, I enrolled in a photography basics course, and a month later, I became the proud owner of my first Nikon - a D5300. At that moment, the photographic poison finally took over me. I spent the next 2 years filming everything, meanwhile enrolling in each course and program I could think of. Shooting all sorts of styles during those first years and trying to absorb lesson after lesson, I realized that nothing else brings me as much satisfaction as the landscape genre. I dabbled in portraits and street photography - even photographed a few weddings but found that I didn't receive the same level of excitement and satisfaction as shooting the great outdoors. Shortly after this realization, I made the decision to shift my focus mainly to landscapes.

Spectrum of Eternity

I’m an introverted person by nature, and landscape photography provided me with the means to escape the busyness of everyday life. I could never get enough of the soothing feeling I experience during every attempt at landscape photography. Each shoot involves a certain amount of research and visualization beforehand. But my favorite moment is actually getting on-site and setting up my composition while waiting for the right conditions to execute it. Because no matter the amount of research and preparation you invest in, Nature is the X-factor that can either make or break your shot. She can always surprise you, and that's the most thrilling part.

Today, my mission is to keep polishing my skills with the camera and deliver more enjoyable and inspiring content to my audience. You can help me out by subscribing to my Newsletter or order some of my best works as digital downloads or high-quality prints. You are welcome to use the contact form to let me know your thoughts and suggestions or share and comment on my Blog posts. Your insights and support are greatly appreciated! 


Dimitar Zlatanov

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